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At Novainvent, we’re not just creating products; we’re shaping a brighter tomorrow. With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, our AI-driven innovation process is at the heart of everything we do. Discover our projects and how we’re transforming ideas into reality.

Vsize for a sustainable e commerce

VSIZE for a perfect fit, no more returns

Revolutionizing Online Shoe Shopping with Precision and Sustainability

VSIZE, where we merge cutting-edge technology with e-commerce to revolutionize your shoe shopping experience. Our innovative solution utilizes advanced 3D foot scanning and machine learning algorithms to ensure a perfect fit, every time. Say goodbye to uncertainty and unnecessary returns – with VSIZE, you can shop confidently, knowing that the shoes you choose will fit your feet perfectly.


LuminArt part of Novainvent

LuminArt for a brighter future


LuminArt is dedicated to transforming the world into a realm of beauty and light, where sustainability and self-sufficiency merge harmoniously. By fusing the power of solar energy with the aesthetics of art, we create unique lighting artworks that illuminate both indoor and outdoor spaces. Envision a world where cutting-edge technology meets the serene beauty of nature. This is the essence of Luminart – a world of solar-powered art installations inspired by the patterns and forms of nature, heralding the sustainable tech solutions of the future. Each piece is a tribute to technological innovation and environmental stewardship, embodying our commitment to a brighter, more sustainable world.



Explore love in the Metaverse with VirtuDate, where innovative dating meets immersive gaming experiences. Our platform blends the thrill of VR environments with the sophistication of AI matchmaking, enhanced by the latest in wearable technology. VirtuDate offers a gamified approach to romance, allowing you to embark on exciting quests to find your match in visually stunning virtual worlds. Our unique business model not only caters to diverse user needs but also pioneers new ways of interaction and monetization in the digital dating landscape. Step into VirtuDate and discover a revolutionary way to connect, play, and fall in love.

faceSwap port of Novainvent Wephton

FaceSwap AI


Using advanced, innovative AI tool for face recognition. The face is swaped, the result is a perfect image. 

Innovative AI app ValuateIT part of Novainvent Wephton

ValuateIT AI


ValuateIt – AI gives you the value

Discover the power of AI with ValuateIt, a revolutionary tool transforming the world of object valuation. Our advanced image recognition technology delivers accurate and instant value assessments, revolutionizing how you evaluate art, antiques, and collectibles. ValuateIt is a new era of valuation – efficient, accurate, and accessible.

Whats for dinner

AIPlateSaver – Your Intelligent Kitchen Companion

 At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to revolutionize how we interact with our food, making daily life simpler, safer, and more sustainable. By harnessing the power of AI, AIPlateSaver offers an innovative solution to monitor and manage your food inventory, ensuring nothing goes to waste.

Every day, AIPlateSaver analyzes the contents of your fridge, using smart algorithms to suggest nutritious and delicious recipes based on available ingredients. This not only eases meal planning but significantly cuts down on food waste, a major contributor to environmental issues. Our system encourages more mindful and efficient grocery shopping, reducing excess spending and the ecological footprint of your meals.

Join us in paving the way for a sustainable culinary future with AIPlateSaver, where every meal is a step towards a greener planet.


AIvive -Future of AI-Powered Predictive Health

At AIvive, we are pioneering precision wellness through the power of AI. Our mission is to shift healthcare from reactive to predictive.  We are achieving this through multi-modal health data fusion, constructing comprehensive digital twins of individuals to reveal personalized insights impossible for humans to discern.

Deep neural networks then analyze these data replicas, allowing our AI agents to forecast health risks weeks or months before conditions manifest through state-of-the-art diagnostics and risk models.  Simultaneously, our compassionate conversational chatbots handle routine patient queries 24/7 using cutting-edge natural language processing, saving staff workload. The future is proactive, personalized care. Our vision is continuous patient oversight by AI assistants that optimize wellbeing via science-based guidance, while alerting doctors only when necessary.

Join our mission to bring predictive health into reality. Precision wellness for all is on the horizon at AIvive. The future of healthcare awaits.

Coolit stand Climat change

Coolit - Transforming Temperature Management with Nanotechnology

As climate change brings more extreme weather, managing indoor and heath resistance becomes a challenge. Traditional cooling solutions are energy-intensive and environmentally harmful. Coolit introduces a sustainable, innovative solution.

Rising temperatures demand new, eco-friendly ways to stay cool. Traditional cooling systems like air conditioners and fans are no longer viable long-term solutions due to their high energy consumption and environmental impact.