project VirtuDate Revolutionizing Connection through Gaming in the Virtual World VirtuDate  VirtuDate is a pioneering virtual reality dating platform that integrates gaming dynamics into the pursuit of love and connection. Our platform is designed to create a fun, engaging, and comfortable environment where finding a soulmate feels like an exciting adventure in the virtual world. […]


Ai Health

project AIVIVE Science-based self care, driven by AI Wordpress Project AIvive- An AI-Powered Personalized Prevention System At AIvive, we are on a mission to transform reactive sick-care into proactive and predictive wellcare. Recent advances in artificial intelligence are enabling a paradigm shift in precision medicine by extracting deep personalized insights from multifaceted health data. Continuous […]



Your Intelligent Kitchen Companion. AIplateSaver Revolutionizing Meal Planning with AI-Powered Image Recognition Facebook Project’s Core AIPlateSaver is an AI-driven platform designed to simplify meal planning and reduce food waste. By utilizing advanced image recognition, AIPlateSaver analyzes the contents of your fridge and pantry, providing real-time suggestions for recipes based on what’s available. Technological Innovation AIPlateSaver […]

ValuateIT AI


project Valuateit An AI-powered tool for valuing objects through image recognition. Embrace the Future of Cooling: Coolit with Nanotech. Sustainable, Efficient, Revolutionary – Your Solution for a Greener Tomorrow. Facebook Linkedin the Innovation ValuateIt harnesses cutting-edge AI technology to transform image recognition into precise valuations. Our AI platform analyzes images of objects and provides rapid, […]

FaceSwap AI


FaceSwap: Revolutionizing Portraits with AI Magic Faceswap Transform Your Images: At FaceSwap, we bring your imagination to life. Our service allows you to integrate your portrait into any photo, perfect for crafting fun and unique profile pictures, gifts, and much more. Unleash Your Creativity: Whether you want to see yourself in a historical scene, as […]

VirtualFeel Haptic Wearable

VirtualFeel Experience the Unseen Feel in Virtual Worlds Novainvent

project Virtualfeel Unseen feel in virtual worlds Facebook Linkedin Project Presentation: ”VirtualFeel” Project Concept: Name: VirtualFeel Vision: This project aims to develop wearbles to Metaverse to take the experience to a new level.The vision is to bring the sense of touch to the metaverse, enhancing virtual experiences with realistic tactile sensations. Haptic Technology Overview: Purpose: Haptic sensors […]

Innovative Tee xplosive impact

Innovative Tee

Angle tee of 10.5 ◦ for an xplosive impact! Improve distance and trajectory with the Golf Joy Tee, a golf tee engineered for better launch angle and back spin control. Purchase yours today at
The angle tee of 10.5 ◦ for an xplosive impact! Improve distance and trajectory with the Golf Joy Tee, a golf tee engineered for better launch angle and back spin control.
Say hello to the Golf Joy Tee, a golf tee engineered to give you better back spin control, a better launch angle and most importantly, helps you smash your drives further and straighter than ever before!
Finally, a tee engineered specifically to get you the farthest drive possible with an explosive launch. Designed for golfers who want to get more distance with every drive, we engineered it so that it would never slow you down.
Golf Tee has an innovative design with an angle of 10.5 ◦ that gives improved trajectory for longer increased carry, increase ball speed, improve launch angle, decrease back spin, increase higher distance, gives an optimal ball flight for unmatched distance!

LuminArt the sun is the source

LuminArt the sun is the source

LuminArt is dedicated to transforming the world into a realm of beauty and light, where sustainability and self-sufficiency merge harmoniously. By fusing the power of solar energy with the aesthetics of art, we create unique lighting artworks that illuminate both indoor and outdoor spaces. Envision a world where cutting-edge technology meets the serene beauty of nature. This is the essence of Luminart – a world of solar-powered art installations inspired by the patterns and forms of nature, heralding the sustainable tech solutions of the future. Each piece is a tribute to technological innovation and environmental stewardship, embodying our commitment to a brighter, more sustainable world.

VSIZE for a sustainable e commerce with less returns

vsize for a perfect fit

project Vsize for a perfect fit, no more returns  VSIZE – Perfect Fit, Every Time Vsize solution that matches a computer model of the actual foot and the actual dimensions of shoes and thereby can be remotely ensured size and fit. This leads to a more sustainable e-commerce through reduced returns, reduced waste of packaging […]

Augmentet haptic experience in METAVERSE with graphene wearables

haptic wearable for metaverse

This project aims to develop wearbles to Metaverse to take the experience to a new level. Graphene enhanced fabrics and graphene fiber have unique properties and a game-changer in haptic wearbles where we can create an experience of touch by applying forces, vibrations, or motions to the user.   High electrical and conductivity resistance  Thermal […]